Discover Japan’s capital city – Tokyo

Sometimes chaotic and loud, other times calm and relaxed, Japan's capital, Tokyo, fascinates with numerous contrasts. Here, one highlight follows the next, adding up surprise after surprise. Japan's capital is a dazzling metropolis with millions of people, offering something for every taste, from millennia-old history to ultra-modern culture.

Bathing paradise Hurghada in Egypt

The Egyptian city of Hurghada with the Red Sea and the surrounding desert landscape is a dream come true for adventure seekers who want to spend their vacation full of adrenaline. Those looking for relaxation will also be surprised by the beautiful beaches that stretch along the coast with plenty of sun. However, Hurghada attracts active and beach holidaymakers because its oriental sights seem to fulfill every possible desire.

Boston – the iconic east coast city in the USA

The enchanting capital of Massachusetts delights its visitors with an eventful history. No other city in the US can look back on a longer tradition than Boston. At the same time, Boston is characterized by tremendous progress. A sightseeing trip through Boston mixes history and modernity like no other major US city.

Budapest – capital of Hungary

Budapest should be an indispensable part of your personal travel list as one of the most popular city trip destinations in Europe. Thanks to its numerous historical buildings, magnificent museums, and overall diverse cultural landscape, Budapest is ideal for a short city break. What makes Budapest so special is the city's unique atmosphere, one you need to experience first hand.